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How to Find a Great Lakewood Therapist

Updated: May 4, 2023


Finding a great Lakewood therapist is a major step toward your emotional and psychological healing.

Not all therapists are created equal. You need someone who deeply understands what you are going through. More importantly, you need someone who has knowledge and expertise to help you get better.

What is a Therapist?

Therapists are professionals who support individuals and families undergoing mental health problems.

Examples are psychologists, counselors, and family therapists.

If we rely on doctors to heal from physical illnesses, we can count on therapists to heal from mental troubles.

Therapists provide a safe and confidential environment where people can learn healthy ways to cope with their struggles.

What Does a Therapist Do?

When you hear the word "therapy", you probably picture yourself sitting or lying on the couch and discussing your problems with another person.

Therapists in Change Inc. do so much more than listen to you.

We provide a client-centered approach to helping individuals and families reach their therapy goals.

We create a safe space where you can share your feelings without judgment and get guidance toward achieving healthier well-being.

Our licensed mental health professionals utilize different methods to help people cope with mental illnesses., such as depression, substance abuse, and anxiety.

These include talk therapy, counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy, psychotherapy, brainspotting therapy, and EMDR.

Through this vital combination of mental health resources, therapists work tirelessly to help individuals overcome their mental battles.

Therapists are constantly updating themselves on new evidence-based practices, so they can have the best available resources to help their clients.

Sometimes, family members may even be invited to the therapy session to support the patient.

This is crucial to make therapy sessions more effective. A therapist's role is an important one for many lives!

Steps to Take When looking for a Great Lakewood Therapist for your Mental Health

When looking for a licensed mental health professional in Lakewood, it's essential to understand the therapist's mission and feel comfortable with their therapeutic process. When looking for a great Lakewood therapist, there are a few key steps to take.

First, consider if you would prefer individual counseling, group therapy, or family therapy.

Seek out talk therapy sessions that are patient-centered or solution-focused to find what works best for you.

Make sure you meet in person with any potential therapist before committing; it's essential to find someone who understands your individual needs and shares some of your values.

Lastly, trust your gut regarding narrowing in on the Lakewood licensed mental health counselor or family therapist who will work best with you and help you lead a fulfilling life.

What To Look Up to in a Great Lakewood Therapist


When looking for a great Lakewood therapist, there's no shortage of qualities to look for. However, below are the most important attributes that your therapist should possess.


A compassionate therapist creates a safe space to express yourself and be heard. Interpersonal skills are one of the best qualities of a good therapist. Therapeutic rapport keeps a person feeling safe and respected. This is important in the therapeutic process since the treatment involves sharing your thoughts, feelings, and concerns with your counselor.


A good therapist should provide honest feedback, helpful insights, and support. Listening to their clients intently and giving thoughtful responses builds trust and can help people understand themselves better.

Another component of a successful therapy is the strong rapport between the therapist and the client. Clients need to know that their therapists fully understand what they are going through.


A good therapist can be an incredible ally in developing solid and balanced emotions. A therapist can help surface the underlying beliefs driving your behavior and uncover what you may not have noticed.

Moreover, they create a comfortable environment where you can openly explore parts of yourself and reach your goals.


Right Lakewood mental health professionals can engage in meaningful dialogue and facilitate healing conversations with their clients. People see counselors for many issues, such as stress, trauma, and depression. Hence, a good therapist should possess strong problem-solving skills to guide their clients through healing.


Research shows that receiving compassionate and tailored care can be a pivotal part of healing.

A good therapist recognizes that each person's story is unique and provides an individualized strengths-based approach to therapy.

Furthermore, a therapist creates an open and accepting environment that caters to different intersecting identities and cultures.

Welcoming to Possibilities

A good therapist should provide you with guidance and support to make positive life changes. By doing so, you will grow and and reach your full potential.

Consider these attributes when searching for the right family therapists. Change Inc. has these qualities, making us the best therapists in Lakewood.

Professional Counselors vs. Therapists

Professional Counselors vs. Therapists

Professional counselors and therapists are two separate titles that many people use interchangeably. Both offer support during challenging times but with different focuses.

Therapists use different modalities to help people recover from mental illness. Among the most popular technique are:

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)

Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)

In contrast, counselors specialize in assisting individuals in their emotional healing process and helping them develop coping skills. They can include licensed marriage counselors, relationship counselors, and family therapists.

Making the right choice when seeking a licensed professional counselor or therapist can be daunting. Professional counselors and therapists differ in licensing, experience, approaches, and specialties.

For example, a licensed professional counselor (LPCs) treats individuals with s anxiety and depression. In contrast, a licensed addiction counselor typically works with clients struggling with substance abuse.

Additionally, some practitioners may a combination of therapies for better results. These can include commitment therapy and relational or cognitive behavioral therapy.

In other words, professional counselors treat clients through trauma-informed practices, while therapists work more generatively to facilitate a long-term healing process.

Psychologists vs. Therapists

Many people think that therapists and psychologists are the same.

While both professions work to assist individuals with family conflict, mental health, and various life experiences, they differ in some ways.

Psychologists are experts in mental health, specifically educated with an emphasis on advanced research methods and clinical assessment to diagnose and treat emotional disorders professionally.

Therapists have a broader approach, using therapeutic techniques from discussion-based methods to mindfulness-based techniques like meditation or yoga to create meaningful change for their clients.

Both use insight from a client's life experience to pick the best therapeutic approach for them.

Understanding the distinction between a therapist and a psychologist is valuable in ensuring you pick the correct type of care.

Why choose Change Inc. as your Lakewood Therapist

Mental Health Consultation in Lakewood

At Change Inc., our team is driven by core values that create a safe and comfortable space for our clients.

We are here to provide guidance when it matters most and equip you with the tools to make positive, life-changing decisions that last.

Our team offers professional assistance with any issues related to mental health, relationship troubles, personal development, or family conflicts. We provide a comfortable environment where individuals can work through their struggles openly and safely.

You can visit our private Lakewood counseling center for an in-person consultation.

Alternatively, you can reach us online. We offer online counseling for those who prefer to get guidance and support in the comfort of your home or office.

Our commitment doesn't end at providing you with the support and care you deserve; we genuinely strive to ensure everyone feels empowered and confident in their ability.


Change Inc. Counseling is here to assist if you or someone you know needs support for mental health issues. We provide Therapy in Lakewood because we know we can help the many people struggling with mental health issues. Call us today if you want to learn more about our counseling and therapy services and ways we can help you start feeling better soon.

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