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Couples Therapy

When relationships are at their best, they can be a great source of companionship, support, and intimacy. When life stressors interfere, trust has been betrayed, or there is a misalignment in values, couples experience increased conflict, leading to strained communication and feelings of anger and resentment.

Our Approach

The Change Inc. team offer couples therapy and marital therapy to same sex couples as well as individuals and couples of all marital statues and genders. We utilize practical therapy approaches that are shown to be effective at improving intimacy and reducing conflict.

Your therapist will offer focused guidance and support to help you understand the underlying dynamics that contribute to the problem at hand. You will learn skills to communicate more constructively with your partner, rebuild trust and reconnect in a meaningful way.

Premarital Therapy

A commitment to one another through counseling can be a pivotal piece to building a strong foundation for the future. During premarital therapy, your therapist will introduce a variety of topics to discuss, and teach you strategies to embark on these critical conversations on your own, outside of therapy. You and your partner will learn the principles and tools of a healthy marriage that will last a lifetime.



Let's Work Together

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