Individual Therapy

The beautiful thing about individual therapy is that there are a number of reasons why you may seek guidance in therapy, such as concerns about Anxiety, Depression or learning a better way to manage life’s transitions or to have space to address post traumatic stress.


Individual Therapy in Our Lakewood Counseling Center

Do you want to feel better about what’s going on in your life?


Are you worried, sad, or nervous?  You may be dealing with challenges in your life that seem too complex to overcome on your own.


If you feel overwhelmed by work, school, or home problems, counseling may help. You don't have to be suffering from a mental condition to seek therapy; sometimes, we all need help getting through a difficult period or dealing with a subject we've never dealt with before.

Are You Looking For Help Coping With Your Emotions?

Getting help with your emotions is a beautiful gift you can give yourself at any age.


We have provided a warm, supportive environment

where you can explore your inner world, learn to make

friends with your emotions, and gain confidence in

yourself. And our counseling for individuals has

helped many people just like you feel better and

improve their lives.


Additionally, we have worked successfully with

individuals diagnosed with mental disorders such as

depression and anxiety. We have supported people

experiencing grief, dealing with the breakup of a

relationship, or struggling to accept themselves.

No matter what you're going through right now, we can work together to create the life you want for yourself. Seek out the support of an experienced therapist at our Lakewood Counseling Center. Our team wants to help you bring more balance and perspective back into your life.

We’re Your go to Source Lakewood Therapy


Our therapists provide a broad spectrum of services to meet our clients' emotional, behavioral, and relational needs.


We know you have choices for individual therapy, and we are confident that our team of expert professional counselors can help you find the balance you need in your life to live your best life.


Our therapists use proven, highly effective counseling techniques such as EMDR therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and brainspotting. If you are struggling with a traumatic experience in your life or are experiencing symptoms of anxiety or depression, we are here to help. We offer individual therapy sessions in our Lakewood Counseling center to assist with these issues and many others, such as:



                                                                      We believe that people can heal themselves when                                                                                given the right tools and support. Our job is to help                                                                              you uncover your true potential and lead a life that is                                                                            worth celebrating. While we can't change past difficult                                                                        situations, we can work together to better resolve                                                                                challenges in your life. 


                                                                       We will use complementary therapy methods and                                                                                 strategies to uncover long-standing behavior patterns  or negative beliefs that may be preventing you from living a full life.


If you're searching for additional support and assistance during a difficult circumstance, or if you're just ready to take a new step in your life, our therapists at Change Inc Counseling Services look forward to working with you to achieve your goals.


We offer a safe place to process painful emotions, learn new coping skills and strategies for change, and receive support from someone who understands what you are going through.

We Are Here To Help, With A Variety Of Services To Meet Your Needs.


Whether you're struggling with anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, or relationship troubles, I can help you get back on track and increase your happiness, satisfaction, and well-being.



Our counseling style is warm and interactive. We believe in treating everyone with respect, sensitivity, and compassion while offering practical feedback and guidance. With sensitivity and the utmost confidentiality, we will work together to help you build on strengths and attain the personal growth you desire.



Change Inc Counseling Services is a team of                                                                                          therapists dedicated to helping you feel better. We are

proud to offer individual therapy, couple's therapy, and

family counseling, emphasizing the most effective

treatment available. We also provide group counseling

and workshops to help you grow and connect with

others in a supportive environment.



We believe in providing quality mental health care that fits your needs and budget. We offer flexible scheduling for individuals, couples, and families who want to feel better. Even though we do not accept insurance, we make our services affordable to get the help you need when it's most convenient for you. And if you're eligible for reimbursement from your insurance coverage, we can provide you with all the documents you’ll need to submit your counseling sessions to your insurance carrier.


It doesn't matter if you found us through a referral from a happy client, or through a Google search like Lakewood Therapy or Lakewood Counseling. If you are struggling with issues like depression or anxiety, please know that you’re not alone. Schedule an appointment, book a call or visit us today and get compassionate, effective help.

Therapy Services we provide:


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