Individual Therapy

The beautiful thing about individual therapy is that there are a number of reasons why you may seek guidance in therapy, such as concerns about Anxiety, Depression or learning a better way to manage life’s transitions or to have space to address post traumatic stress.

Our Approach

Many clients come to therapy to clarify personal values, work through grief and trauma, explore sexual orientation and gender identity, improve relationships, or gain greater self-confidence, self-respect, and acceptance. Regardless of why you contact us, our goal in individual therapy is to help you feel more like you again.

Taking the steps to heal

Our process is person-centered, strength- based and we’ll work with you to set goals and develop a plan to track your progress.  Whether you want to improve your relationships, process trauma, or feel more balanced emotionally, all therapists at Change Inc. are here to support you on your journey. An important aspect of taking care of yourself includes attending to your emotional and mental well-being in individual therapy.

Let's Work Together

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