Family Therapy

Today’s families come in all types. Whether your family is same sex, opposite sex, blended, non-binary or adopted, family therapy at Change Inc. can provide much needed support during times of transition and change.

Our Approach

Regardless of your family’s makeup, our therapeutic approach is the same: we invite conversation so we can understand the circumstances surrounding the conflict and tension in the home and develop a plan of action to get you back on track. Change Inc. therapists don’t prescribe change, offer advice or make judgments. Rather, we provide personalized and focused guidance to help your family work as a team to identify what’s important to you, and learn the skills needed to work towards your goals.

How you can benefit

Many things can cause strife in families, including life transitions like relocation and deployment, changes in employment or financial status, death of a family member or other traumatic events, children with special needs, chronic illness, addressing the challenges of young adulthood, adjusting to changes in sexual orientation and gender identity, as well as divorce and separation. Our team at Change Inc. is dedicated to meeting your family at whatever stage you are in and mapping out a path to success. 

Family Moments

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